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Greetings, I’m Eric. Originally hailing from the picturesque outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I embarked on a journey that led me to the sunny city of Orlando, Florida in the summer of 2013, all in pursuit of a dream – to establish my own web design business.

Before finding my true calling, I explored various part-time jobs, from landscaping to retail and restaurant work, and even attended several schools to discover my passion. It was during this quest for purpose that I stumbled upon one of my great passions – baking. I vividly remember a vacation to Mystic, CT, just before my first deployment. The Mystic Drawbridge ice cream parlor left a lasting impression on me, particularly their homemade ice cream. Inspired, I soon acquired an ice cream maker and a cookbook, attempting to recreate the mouthwatering peanut butter ice cream I’d enjoyed. The result was nothing short of amazing. In 2006, I decided to pursue this newfound culinary passion by enrolling at The Restaurant School of Philadelphia to obtain a degree.

Parallel to my culinary exploration, my other love, technology and web design, beckoned. This led me to the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Web Design. The journey didn’t stop there; I also pursued a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Full Sail University. With my academic endeavors complete, I made a significant life change, leaving behind my corporate job to follow my heart to Orlando, where I set in motion the dream of launching my own web design business.

In addition to my professional pursuits, I’m a retired U.S. Army veteran with three tours in Iraq (2003-2004, 2004-2006, and 2015-2016), and I am the proud single father of three beautiful children: Isabella, Lucas, and Marcos. These experiences, coupled with my diverse journey, have molded me into a web designer who’s not just passionate but also a disciplined and committed individual.

Now, as a web designer, I strive to infuse my diverse life experiences, creativity, and technical expertise into every project I undertake. It’s my pleasure to use this platform to share my work and connect with you. Thank you for visiting my site, and I look forward to creating digital wonders together.